My whole approach is to provide the most comfortable, safe, nurturing bodywork experience possible.  The tools I use and how I apply them are solely geared for the ultimate relaxation of you.  A supreme nurturence. Much care is given to nourishing all of the patient… thoroughly.

All the services were chosen with great care.  Through the years of training the Services (tools) I now employ initiate the greatest comfort to the patient.  And so they are used…with the greatest care.

I am proud to offer safe, affordable, and profound holistic health services just minutes from downtown San Jose, California.

If you enjoy bodywork that blends the therapeutic and nurturing with deep relaxation, then you are certain to appreciate mine. By interweaving  Traditional Chinese Medicine bodywork/Taoist energetic techniques with an unconventional, eclectic, and full-bodied approach to touch, I am able to guide you on a restive and rejuvenating journey. My work is highly intuitive and personalized to meet your individual needs. I’m happy to address any questions or concerns you may have so that I can tailor the session to your needs.

I work on an oversized state-of-the-art table with a crescent face cradle for better head and neck support. I only use cotton flannel sheets on the table and offer additional blankets for your comfort.  I also use a massage table-heating pad and/or a room heater when the temperature drops. Allowing you to be as comfortable as possible. Special Note: For Floor Shiatsu 3″ thick Thai Massage Mats are used.

I am certified at the International Institute for Medical Qi Gong through the Hunan University of Beijing, China with Doctor of Medical Qi Gong diploma (Back pain) and am finishing up a second Doctor of Medical Qi Gong (with a focus Sound/Vibration therapies and they’re efficacy on persons suffering from Cancer) .   My formal training has provided me with the practical and spiritual tools to help you release stress, ease tensions and relax completely.  I have also studied extensively at the Acupressure Institute of Berkeley, California.

A word about the Sound/Vibration therapies.  They are completely gentle.  Often I will employ using  Tibetan Singing Bowls to calm the heart (especially when coming directly from work) and allow the muscles to let go of tension that may have come from work or just driving to get to the appointment.


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