Way of the Compassionate Spirit offers an nurturing, compassionate, healing bodywork experience… To you.

The body, mind, emotions, your very soul can take refuge for a few quite hours.   When rest, in fact, deep rest would really be appreciated.

To get to that state of deep rest can be a multi-stepped/multi-faceted process.  First, a emotional clearing of as much as possible issues that I and then the patient may have had to confront in the course of the day. Followed by the gentle but effective administration of Medical Qi Gong further penetrating the body’s tissues.  Relaxing those tissues so that work can be done to open them up for blood flow to more optimally allow toxins to be circulated out of a painful/stagnate area and nutrients can more easily enter in and rebuild.  This might be can be enhanced with the use of Dynamic Hot Stone Therapy and the various Sound/Vibration Therapies (available tools for these are Planetary Gongs, Tuning Forks, Serenity Tibetan Singing Bowls and Crystal Singing Bowls).  Acupressure with oils may be employed for athletes (see Acupressure).  All of this helps to give the most nurturing, compassionate, deeply relaxing bodywork experience.  The audience of this website is for those who desire deep, deep rest.

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